Tuition and Registration

Levels of Service and Tuition Provided by the Chrysalis Instructional Team:

  • Level One:
    Level one services include regular classroom instruction with additional support from Resource Teachers as needed. Level one applies to students who do not have an IEP and to students who do have an IEP but do not require direct instruction from and inclusion teacher, speech and language therapy, or a behavior intervention plan. Level one services include all instruction within the Montessori curriculum including Language Arts, Arithmetic, Geometry, History, Physical and Cultural Geography, and Science. We are the developers of Phono-Graphix and Language Wise, and regular classroom instruction in these methods is included in level one tuition. Level one service for the 2019-2020 school year is $13,700. Please review the following levels of service for additional information regarding school fees.
  • Level Two:
    Level two services are provided for students who require one of the following: (a) A behavior intervention plan beyond the scope of behavioral services included in Level One, management and maintenance of the behavior plan including regular data collection and graphing, provided by Dr. Carmen McGuinness, (b) Speech and Language Therapy, or (c) direct instruction provided by an Inclusion Teacher. Additional fee apply. A Level Two plan of service is approximately $3000 over and above Level One, totaling $16,700.
  • Level Three:
    Level three services are provided for students who require at least two of the following: (A behavior intervention plan with ongoing data collection and graphing, (b) Speech and Language Therapy, (c) regularly scheduled direct instruction provided by an Inclusion Teacher, in addition to level one services (above). Level Three services will include ongoing assessment and progress monitoring. (pull-out and push-in instruction provided by our Resource Instructors Ms. Sheryl Schmucker and Ms. Laura Miller, in addition to level one services (above). Level three services may include instructional design, direct instruction, therapeutic instruction, speech and language therapy; and will include ongoing assessment and progress monitoring. Additional fee apply. A Level Three plan of service is approximately $5,700 over and above Level One, totaling $18,000

  • Level Four: 
    Level four services are provided for students who require one-on-one support, for 70% or more of the school day, in order to be successful at school. Level four students may also require a functional behavior plan and speech and language therapy. There is an additional fee of $9,000 for level four services over and above level one, totaling $22,700.

Hourly Rates:

  • Hourly rates for Speech and Language Therapy are billed at $100 per hour, $50 per half hour,  or $25 per 15 minute segment. 
  • The hourly rate for Applied Behavior Analysis with Dr. McGuinness (including functional assessment, functional analysis, and oversight of behavioral intervention including data tracking, cognitive behavioral therapy) is $125. 
  • The services of an Inclusion Teacher are billed at $50 per hour, $25 per half hour, and $12.50 per 15 minute segment. 

Materials Fees:
Materials fees for the 2019-2020 academic year have been established as follows:

  • Consumable materials fee $240
  • Art instruction and materials $190
  • Performing arts fee $140. Includes costumes, props, pizza, 2 parent admission tickets at our annual shows, and video access to shows.
  • Total fees $570, due annually on May 1st  

Contracted Therapies:

We can arrange for speech, occupational, and physical therapies as warranted. Please note that speech and language therapy is included in for services some service levels as indicated above. Don't hesitate to contact us in advance of your application so that we can discuss your child's unique needs. Fees for therapies from contracted therapists are dependent upon your child's IEP and matrix of services and your ability to pay.

Tuition Payment Schedule:

Payment is due in four equal increments one month prior to the first day of school, and on November 1, February 1, and April 1, or in ten monthly payments due beginning on July 1st and ending on April 1st. Tuition can be paid by check or credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card please request a PayPal invoice. A $20 late fee will apply after the 15th of each month, and interruption of attendance will occur if tuition is 30-days late.

Tuition Assistance:

Chrysalis School is pleased to accept the McKay and Gardiner Scholarships for Students with Disabilities. Please visit the following links for additional information. 

McKay Scholarship application

Gardiner Scholarship application

Before and Aftercare:

Before and/or aftercare are available on a regular monthly basis at a fee of $425 per month, or by pre-arrangment at $25 per day for any portion of before our aftercare in a given day.

How to Register

Step One - Schedule a visit to view the classroom and discuss your child's unique needs. Please note, we do not permit walk-in visits. To schedule a visit please call Dr. Carmen McGuinness at 321-422-4171. 

Step Two - When you have submitted your registration application we will schedule the appropriate interviews and evaluations to determine if Chrysalis is a good match for your child. A one-time $250 registration fee will be taken at the time of your registration. This charge covers the school's costs to conduct the above interviews and evaluations.